Zurek Nabokov, Calculus-Logi Edit


Nabokov is Kryzak's chief savant and advisor, and should an attempt be made to bring Kryzak to trial, access to Nabokov's memory store would be invaluable. Nabokov's enhanced brain makes him an excellent marksman, capable of calculating trajectories and making remarkable shots. He is often seen carrying a hunting rifle, which appears to have been heavily customised.

Cybernetic Enhancements Edit

Much of his body is still organic, although his left arm was replaced some years ago to enable him to hold his customised rifle in a more stable firing position. The vast majority of his implants are upgrades to his Cranial Circuitry, including a Logis Circuit and Ballistic Logis Programming. Connected directly to Nabokov's Cyber-Mantle and Cranial Circuitry is a backpack fitted with all manner of ranging and sighting equipment - this equipment is also linked to his rifle and when combined it allows him to project targeting and trajectory information on his sighting monocles making him an exceptional shot.

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