Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Zoran Gragan

Zoran was born into a wealthy merchant family on Necromunda and it was always assumed when he grew he would join the family business but things don’t always go to plan. At the age of 14 he began develop psychic abilities and though he parents tried to keep them secret he drew the attention of an old inquisitor who fortunately for Zoran was an acquaintance of his father’s. The old inquisitor gave Zoran a very rare opportunity, to become sanctioned and join the inquisition to protect mankind. After Schola training he joined his mentor travelling the sectors hunting demons and other heresies. 40 years later when age and old wounds claimed his master’s life he returned to inquisitorial training claimed his rosette and joined the Ordo Malleus. In the years since Zoran joined the Ordo Malleus he has hunted down and destroyed dozens of daemonhosts and daemonic artefacts and when necessary sanctioned other inquisitors who have interfered with his work. To carry out his chosen tasks Zoran has forged a retinue of loyal experienced men not afraid to do whatever is required to further their masters’ goals. In addition to his retinue Zoran commands an underground network of hundreds of hundreds of informants willing to sell information and if needed kill to conceal it.

Zoran holds 2 beliefs above all others: the corrupting influence of chaos unlocks the doors of a man’s mind and allows his base instincts and drives to come to the surface, any man may be tempted by the appeals of letting go but he who resists his drives cannot be corrupted and secondly that daemons are the primary carriers of the corruption. All daemons must be banished from the physical plains and anyone who worships them must die. All daemon swords and artefactscontaining a daemon essence must be destroyed and anyone who uses such items must hand them over or be executed as a traitor to mankind. He is less concerned with physical corruption and mutation, a man’s body may be changed by chaos but if his mind stays pure he is innocent. These beliefs frequently bring him into conflict with other inquisitors, especially those that advocate the use of daemonhosts or even worse have a hand in creating them. Many an inquisitor has been given the ultimatum “hand over the daemonhost so it may be destroyed or you will die with it.

Known associates:

Former Imperial Guard Sergeant Matthis Verak

Planetary Defence Enforcer Bryn Thalon

Psychic Savant Charon Zheral

Arcoflagellant Timrek-9543

Black Marketeer and Assassin Johnas Cirrius

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