Lexicographer Zao Tsung - Xeno linguistic expert. Edit

One of the foremost experts in translating xenos languages, Tsung led a relatively unassuming life. Born and raised in foundries of Mars, Tsung progressed steadily through the academic ranks of the lexicographers, and his natural insight and expertise were key in deciphering the glottal-speech of the Galg and the psuedoglyphs of the Charon. It wasn't until he was brought in to investigate the Necron crashes on Mars when the first attempt on his life was made.

Shortly after his report was submitted to his superiors, he was accosted by members of the priesthood bearing the symbol of the half cog and some kind of reptile and survived the encounter only by the intervention of Magos Cross and his retinue. Now a wanted fugitive with members of the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Inquisition wanting his life or his knowledge, Tsung has maintained a mutually beneficial relationship with Cross and his associates; protection in exchange for his talents. Edit

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