Established on the dwarf planet Skyrrax in the system's outer reaches in the first century of M37, Watch Station Providence has kept a quiet vigil over the system's boundary, without even the Obsidian Redoubt aware of it. The Deathwatch founded Providence in response to the corroboration of a prophecy foretold by a Librarian of the Sons of Orrus in 455.M36 by the unearthing of a vault on Illythia that spoke of dark secrets within the Antonine Cluster that could threaten the whole Carthax sector. Skyrrax was chosen to base the watch station as it lay at the confluence of warp routes between Illythia and the Antonine Cluster and could guard against foes that would use the routes to access Illythia. Manned only by servitors, Providence hordes information gathered by its aurascryes, telescopes and long-range scanners. Each decade the station is visited by a Deathwatch vessel and has its data cores downloaded. Whether the dark secrets prophesied include the Antonine Amulets and other Cold Trade artefacts that have bypassed the station in recent years, only time will tell.

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