Watch Station Phylaeus lies to the north east of the Promean Shoals. This station lies within the hulk of the Battle Barge Thunder of the Primogenitor, a craft whose destruction marked the demise of the Bronze Shields chapter of space marines. The craft was ambushed and gutted by unknown xenos raiders a century ago, killing the understrength chapter's higher command, 1st and 10th chapters. What few marines survived the catastrophe headed deep into the Shoals to uncover the identity of their attackers. The Deathwatch secured the wreck and brought it into stable orbit around the gas giant Omaron. While the craft will never lead the line again, vital systems like life support and sensors were made fully operational. Limited long range batteries are active, but numerous defence turrets and the craft's flight bays provide ample defence. Phylaeus is home to two marines; Brother Techmarine Valedictus of the Metamarines and Brother Silanimus of the Praetors of Orpheus. Valedictus's key role is maintenance of the vessel along with an army of servitors. Silanimus is a two hundred year veteran of service to the Imperium, though his methods are considered too unorthodox by his chapter for a leadership role. The Deathwatch are glad to have him.

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