Watch Station Herilleum observes the frontier world of the same name on the southern edge of the Promean Shoals. This world is the last port of call under what passes for Imperial rule on the southern approach to the region. It's visitors include Rogue Traders, colonists, missionaries, and even xenos traders. These include the Bohr and the Heliods, two species which are largely tolerated by the people of Herilleum. The Watch Station is a small space station in orbit around the planet's smallest satellite, Monian. The vigil currently belongs to Brother Sephadi of the Angels of Absolution. Along with three serfs and numerous servitors he has observed the world and the surrounding space for 18 months. This is is his second term of service with the Deathwatch, having served in Killteam Maalik 15 years ago along with Watch Captain Temur.

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