Watch Station Dominus forms the western point of the triangle of stations enclosing the Promean Shoals. The station lies within the wreck of the Warlord Titan Dominus of Legio Astraman on the jungle world Mercy. Slowly being reclaimed by nature, the hull of the titan crawls with vines, and blends in with the trees that surround it. A great battle with the forces of craftworld Meannor saw the titan destroyed, but the Imperium eventually reigned triumphant. Mercy has proved too difficult to colonise effectively, and the deathworld is populated only in pockets. Great mineral and timber wealth keeps the Imperium interested in the world. The Deathwatch maintain a presence to ensure that the Eldar do not attack again, and to observe the Shoals. Brother Gemelli of the Invaders chapter is deployed here, his expertise in warfare against the Eldar put to good use.

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