Arch-Magos Volta Electron Edit

Born and raised on Mars, the home of the Adeptus Mechanius he climbed to the rank of Magos after finding several long lost STC blueprints. Volta Electron was addicted to having extreme bionic surgery to an extent where very little human remained and as such wears a similar bionic drill to Delphan Gruss from when their paths crossed at an STC dig, also from this time, to assist in boring through slag piles Volta Electron became addicted to aggravating drugs such as psykon. By the time he reached the rank of Arch-Magos, he had started to go mad as he was less and less impressed with his inventions and discoveries, both of these things probably came from the large amounts of drugs he used and a slight glitch in his memory chip. So, 25 years after being promoted to Arch-Magos he turned to the dark studies and aspired to control the warp and bond it in the ultimate fusion of machine and warp, though, 20 years into his studies a daemon of tzeentch saw promise in him and attempted to posses him, though in a last effort to preserve his comrades in the Mechanium he confined the daemon to his drill. As is always the way with tzeentch though, his drill has somewhat taken over in recent years and inslaved his personal Skitarii bodyguard, Vulkan Proteus to the dark gods through him as well as almost not being in control of his own body. His travels in the dark gods’ service has both led him to develop innate psychic abilities and come into a secret campaign with Ordo MalleusInquisitor Octavian Lars in which to practice the use of his psychic abilities. If Octavian Lars does not succeed in killing him and banishing his daemon then the galaxy will be damned as he will succeed in building a Psy-Tech Construct based on all he has learned and bring the galaxy into ruin.

Known Associates: Edit

  • Possessed Skitarus Vulkan Proteus
  • Gunslinger Markus "Druggie" Carter

Known Enemies: Edit