Inquisitor Vladimir Ostrakov - Ordo Malleus Edit


Little is known of the history of Vladimir Ostrakov, his early years are shrouded in mystery and many many records have been 'lost'. It seems certain he was taken by Blackship to Terra early in life, and was marked out for training in the Inquisition, but it is not to known who he was apprenticed or when he reached the rank of Inquisitor. Even estimates of his age vary wildly, anything from 200 years to an unbelievable 500 years.

During his career he has seemingly been many things. He was originally well known as a prominent Thorian and a puritan, but over time he seemingly took on more of a Horusian viewpoint. Radicalism had already been on the rise for some years when Ostrakov rose to prominence, but he became a figurehead for their beliefs. Numerous Inquisitors revealed their true radical beliefs and flocked to his banner and he became known as the Arch-Radical. He and his followers believed that if the Inquisition was to truly triumph over Chaos and heresy it must throw off its out-dated Puritan beliefs and embrace Radicalism.

Eventually rumours of outrages and atrocities carried out by Ostrakov's followers reached Holy Terra and popular support turned against him and his Radical followers. Finally, he was declared Diabolis Extremis and was hunted across the galaxy by a group of strictly puritan Inquisitors led by his old rival Inquisitor Corticelli.

His followers were rounded up and put on trial for heresy, some recanted and were spared but the majority were executed. Ostrakov was the last of the Radicals to be to be put on trial; his trial was to be the crowning jewel in Inquisitor Corticelli's glittering career.

However things did not turn out as planned. The trial had barely begun when a group of prominent Puritan Inquisitors entered the Conclave and asked to give evidence. They showed incontrovertible proof that Ostrakov had been working for them and only playing the part of the Arch-Radical. They explained that their plan had been to gather the heretical Radical elements of the Inquisition together under one banner where they could be dealt with in one fell swoop. Their plan had succeeded beyond their wildest imaginings, and Puritan beliefs once again held sway in the Inquisition.

Ostrakov was probed and tested by his peers and as they found him free of corruption he walked free from the courtroom. The Diabolis Extremis declaration was rescinded, and he was raised above suspicion by his courageous actions in removing the taint of Radicalism from the Inquisition. Inquisitor Corticelli was discredited, and his career never recovered from the blow.

Known Associates Edit

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