Timrek was created at the specific order of Zoran Gragan after a daemon he was hunting managed to evade and escape his retinue after being wounded. His life prior to become an arco-flagellant has been expunged from all records but it is believed that he was a member of chaos cult that destroyed by Zoran. Timrek was captured during Zorans raid and rather than executing him the inquisitor saw a better use for his captive. Zoran’s orders were very precise regarding what he wanted Timrek to become, His arms were lengthened and fused to an evicerator, pentagramic wards were carved into his flesh, a specially modified psi-tracker was implanted at the base of his cerebrum and multiple stimm injectors completed the package. Under almost all circumstance Timrek is kept secured in Zorans ship his pacifier helm locked firmly in place, he is only bought out to kill once the rest of the retinue have tracked and confirmed a daemonic presence.

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