Dataslate wailing priory massacre
  • Tangenia IV “Blightsky”, Timezone 6, upper-middle quadrant. 385.012.m41
  • The assassination of Chairman Ghent was a brutal public spectacle using terrifying xenos technology.
  • There was considerable pressure to apprehend the guilty party.
  • After a series of high-profile arrests and expedited confessions, they narrowed down the investigation.
  • The assassin was a low-life Spur-junkie paid to pull a trigger, armed by a member of the organisation we now know as the Tattered Court.
  • Motives are unknown at present.
  • The source was traced back to an abandoned courthouse on a floatilla of ships called the Wailing Priory.
  • An Arbites suppression team stormed the floatilla, igniting a gun battle almost immediately.
  • 47 seconds later, a device we believe to be a vortex bomb is triggered.
  • The floatilla and the estimated 540 souls on board along with 35 arbitrators are  are crushed into a warp-infused singularity, destroying them utterly

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