The Saphian Courtesans are an elite all-female organisation known throughout the corridors of power in the Carthax Sector as being the most enchanting and alluring of women, trained in all the delicacies required when moving in high society. However they are hired at vast expense by the rich and powerful as much for their deadliness as for their beauty. Be it as bodyguard, hand maiden, assassin or private entertainment, the Courtesans will always find much employment within the twisted webs of family honour, politics and raw ambition that drives people of influence. The Inquisition too can make great use for these skills, although they get charged double the going rate because of the assumed greater danger, and even when an Inquisitor attempts to hire one under a fake identity, the Courtesans always seem to know exactly who they are working for.

The head of the organisation is referred to only as The Blue Mistress. Who this is is kept a tightly guarded secret known only to the most senior courtesans, and even they may only know a false name. It is noteworthy that Inquisitor Novia Zetkin of the Ordo Sicarius in known to have particularly strong links to the organisation, possibly even having personal contact with the mysterious "Blue Mistress". In either case it is well recorded fact that she has employed numerous Saphian Courtesans in the course of her investigations.

Important figures known to currently have one or more of the Courtesans in their employ are,

Incidents which possibly involved Saphian Courtesans,

  • Assassination by poison of Governor Golvadich of Cerrian VI
  • Assassination by garrotte of Captain Valram of the Imperial Navy
  • Assassination by vehicular sabotage of Trade Ambassador Nialla
  • Assassination by stabbing of Lady Dowager Mellionus of House Breggan
  • Assassination by garrotte of Sire Tevellion of House Estammis
  • Disappearance of Commander Abramil of Dorax PDF
  • Disappearance of Princess Jenna of Osemberia
  • Death by 37–storey fall from balcony of private chambers of Inquisitor Venraqui
  • Death of Lord Inquisitor Marcus Grolin (wild unsubstantiated rumours)

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