This page lists notable heretics, daemons, malevolent warp entities and the like who are known to be operating within the Carthax Sector.

To avoid this page getting too large, only warband leaders should be listed below and other members of warbands should be listed as 'known associates' on the page for the warband leader.

The Forces of ChaosEdit

(Ordered alphabetically by surname)

  • The Crimson Wake - Shadowy ultra-violent cabal dedicated to undoing the works of the most prominent puritan Inquisitors and corrupting the most loyal and glorious heroes of the Imperium.
  • Grammaticon Quantick - Dark Mechanicus Magos, hunted by the Ordo Malleus and the Secutors of the Solemne Forge Worlds.
  • Sacarlax - a Khornate Daemonhost created by the Reaver clans of Captain Hagen Bloodoath.

Warp Entities and their ilkEdit

(Ordered alphabetically by surname)

  • Enslavers