Hidden below the ever shifting sands of the desert world, Velterax III there lies a secret cavern ever shifting, like the sands above. This cavern is home to the cult of hidden knowledge. They are rumoured to be linked to the administratum and founded by a prominent figure on the planet, Inquisitor Octavian Lars.

They are an all female hereditary cult who have corrupted a great deal since their founding. An essential part of their cult is a dominant mutant strand of DNA which gives all female bearers a beautiful pale complexion, enhanced memory and great resiliance to the sun (~SPF200) They occasionally allow an entrance to appear on the surface to weary male travellers in the desert, and invite them into their cave appearing as beautiful mirages offering food, clean water and shelter. Once the traveller is inside the shifting cave, the cult's phase shift particle generator jumps the cave elsewhere and hide the entrance using power hacked from the Velterax Power Grid while the traveller recovers. Once he is fully recovered, he is then offered the chance to stay with the cult for the rest of his days. Few travellers refuse and are chucked out into the sweltering desert without supplies; followed by the taunting laughter of cult members. Those many that accept the offer are chosen by a young member of the cult and given a small room seperate from the hall of the young (this is the coming of age ceremony ceremony for girls of the cult with the more dominant getting first pick).

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