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The Carthax sector is located on the edge of Imperial space in the Segmentum Pacificus. The region was rediscovered during the Great Crusade by Rogue Trader Aniel Hydronus <See file MER-1172-h>, and was subsequently brought into compliance by the Ultramarine Legion <See file AST-5163-y>. The sector... 

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The sector covers a large spatial area and is therefore divided into a number of sub-sectors. Although each sub-sector is generally self-governed, overall administration of the sector is carried out from Pillarus Prime. Sector government comprises a senate headed by the Imperial Governor and including representatives from the various Adeptus, representatives of the various sub-sector governments, and prominent trade bodies <See file ADP-8941-x>. The Carthaxian Senate is responsible for ensuring the efficient running of... 

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The Carthaxian Conclave is based at the Inquisitorial Fortress on Pillarus Prime. The Inquisition also maintains satellite fortresses on a number of other worlds within the sector <See file INQ-7422-a> as well as facilities run by each of the Ordos <See file INQ-9631-t>. There are also innumerable safe-houses, laboratories, fortresses and other stations operated by Inquisitorial cells, cabals and individual Inquisitors. 

The Carthaxian Conclave is currently headed by Lord Inquisitor Grolin, ably assisted by the Masters of the Ordos Malleus, Hereticus, Xenos, Sepulturum and Sicarius. Given the vast size of the sector, much of his authority is devolved to the sub-sector...

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