Vessels laid down in the shipyards of Colossus V in the Prastian Straits of the Carthax Sector have a reputation for power-hungry subsystems and consequently shortened reactor lives. There have been many attempts over the years by magi across the sector to try and correct the faults in the designs, but none have been particularly successful. Most have simply sped up the failure of the reactors, but some have brought about calamities with their tinkering. The transport vessel Melody of the Devout was once a simple merchant vessel, plying the trade routes of the sector, before her enginseers took it upon themselves to reconfigure her power systems. Her machine spirit rebelled against their inconsiderate probing and arcs of power ravaged the assembled techpriests, decimating their ranks. Virtually devoid of the engine crew, the Melody of the Devout struggled to reach her next destination. Taking their misfortune as a sign from the Emperor, the ship's hidden death cult, the Void Guardians, rose up and slaughtered hundreds, including the majority of the bridge crew in an offering Terra to safeguard the ship. Whether or not the Emperor was watching, the ship safely reached her destination, though the Void Guardians felt the wrath of the Inquisition once the bloodstained corridors were uncovered. The vessel was saved from the scrapyard by a down on his luck captain, and despite a name change to The Careful Maiden, the ship is considered cursed and haunted by the ghosts of the murdered crew. Rumours of descendants of the murderous cultists are believed to still stalk the hidden places between its decks, and its crew is forever being restocked by the victims of press-ganging. It is considered an ill-omen if she appears above a world, and other vessels avoid her like the plague. Her new masters however welcome the emotions she elicits, as very few security details and auditors dare visit her to check on the contents of her holds. Part of Vektor Tern's smuggling operation, she delivers Cold Trade artefacts from the Antonine Cluster to the Al-Gheri sub-sector on a regular basis.

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