The Bilge Rotters


The Bilge Rotters are a loose association of dock scum from the orbitals of the Carthax Sector. There is no strict criteria for membership, and the Carthax Sector is home to gangs bearing the name on worlds as far apart as Imshee in the Antonine Cluster and Corundia in the heart of the sector. The Bilge Rotters have been implicated in a large number of criminal conspiracies including, but not limited to: protection rackets, theft, smuggling, dealing in proscribed artefacts, handling unregistered psykers, murder of Arbites personnel and obstruction of the Agents of His Most Holy Inquisition. Current investigations into the Bilge Rotters are centred around discovering the identity of the collective's backers – individuals who are feared to hold a risk to the sector as a whole.

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