Onus star system maps - Sorrento
System features: Bountiful
Star: Luminous (Yellow-orange, weak inner cauldron)
Inner cauldron:
Primary biosphere:
Outer reaches:
  • Planet (Kreato)
  • Asteroid cluster
Sorrento system

During the Great Crusade, complete and total war burned through the Carthax Sector. The Ultramarines pushed through Pillarus Core deep into the heart of the sector, the usual band of pilgrims, glory-hunters and pioneers followed in their wake, staking claim to whatever they could find. What they found in the Sorrento system were worlds of little military value, where ancient races of humans had existed peacefully for millennia, most blissfully unaware of their neighbours within their own system, let alone the cosmic upheaval happening across the sector.

Planets of economic interest were quickly settled and the natives brought to heel, the rest were left to their own devices or cautiously colonised with the intent to further build on the infrastructure down the line. Unfortunately, the system was isolated in a warp storm for generations, and the colonies had to learn to fend for themselves - their masters deeming the investment not worth the effort.

Although each world in the system is utterly unique, they all share the same basic foundation - they were never intended to exist as long as they have. Due to their forced independence, civilisation has adapted in all manner of strange and interesting ways, but not necessarily in the most efficient manner.

  • Sorrento I - Lagan
    • A burned-up ball of rock on a mysterious wandering orbit spiralling ever closer to the sun.
  • Sorrento II - Halt
    • Gas giant with a handful of gas-mining space stations.
  • Sorrento III - Brimstone
    • A hot, dry planet kept in a feudal state by the ruling elite. The heavy gravity creates stout warriors, and the chief export is thick, waxy slabs of unrefined prometheum.
  • Sorrento IV - Frore
    • Ice planet with dozens of part-underground hive cities.
  • Sorrento V (Moon) - Forlorn Hope
    • Manufactorum that produces cutting-edge laser technology.
  • Sorrento VI - Creve-coeur
    • Broken planet cultivating a rich ecosystem in the wound. As a result, it's a haven for Noble holidaymakers and explorers.
  • Sorrento VII - Kreato
    • Agri-world with sprawling meat farms and raging seasonal lightning storms.

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