Silent hunter

+++ Shas’vre O’ran - Kauyon’Eshh Operative +++

+++ Report Reference: ISE-6544-JDO-1 Appendix A +++

+++ Author: Inquisitor Hannibal Isenberg +++

+++ Date: 5.275.974.M41 +++

The following is all that is known of the personal life of the Tau agent known as Shas’vre O’ran. He was captured by my team during an attempt to infiltrate and destroy the Ecclesiastical Synagogue on Wellingrex Six prior to the Ascension Day celebrations. The second member of his team, an Air Caste pilot, was killed in the attempt.

O’ran was born on the Tau Sept world known as Dal’yth. He was raised in what we would call a Military Academy where from an early age he was trained to be a soldier. His abilities in the fields of stealth and concealment meant he was destined to join the Pathfinders. It seems O’ran served as a Pathfinder for four Tau’cyr and achieved the rank of Shas’ui. He had hoped to be trained in the use of XV-25 armour and join a Stealth Team, but instead he was recruited by the Kauyon’Eshh. Other than this we were unable to retrieve much coherent information about his early years.

As a member of the Kauyon’Eshh, O’ran underwent an intense training regime, raising his speed, strength and skill far above the levels normally seen in a member of his race. He was trained in a variety of tactics, infiltration methods, counter-interrogation techniques, and unusually for the Tau, he received a high degree of close-combat training. Although he denied it, I believe that not all of the improvement in his physical and mental abilities was purely down to training. It is my belief that during his training O’ran was surgically and chemically modified.

Details of the missions that O’ran was involved in are still being verified and will be published in a follow-up report.

+++ Addendum +++

Shas’vre O’ran was rescued before the interrogation could be completed in a covert raid by other members of the Kauyon’Eshh. It is still unclear how they managed to by-pass our security, but the very fact they managed to get in and back out demonstrates how well equipped and resourceful they are.

+++ End Report +++

Known associates

Kor'vre Fal'shia- Air Caste Pilot

Por'el Doron'ro- Water Caste Controller

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