Sergei Mentat - Servitor-Savant Edit


Sergei Mentat has served as savant to the last three generations of the Rogue Trader of House Hydronus. He was born into an allied family, but was shunned at birth due to his deformities. Some sources say he is actually an illegitimate son of the then Rogue Trader, his twisted body a result of inbreeding between the noble houses. It was only when he grew up and his capacity for learning and intuitive reasoning developed that he was welcomed back into the fold.

He's now one of the family's most trusted advisors, retained for his cognitive and analytical ability. Over the years much of his deformed body has been replaced with bionics, although he usually hides it under a hood and long coat so as not to shock the more sensitive noble types. These bionics mean that he is now little more than a walking cogitator - more servitor than man, although as he was never mind-wiped he is still possessed of free will and is not a full servitor. When not working he enjoys 'drinking' Tallassian Brandy, and can often be found wandering around with his head in a book or sat reading a news-slate.

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