These scenarios are designed to be played using any warbands and almost any terrain. They are eminently suitable for playing 'pick up' games with whatever warbands you have at your disposal, but will need to be expanded with a storyline appropriate to the characters taking part.

Alphabetical list of scenariosEdit

The following scenarios have been submitted by users of the wiki. Some have featured at events such as the Inquisitor Grand Tournament. Generally speaking, they are a bit more involved than the introductory scenarios above, and may have special requirements in terms of models, terrain and player numbers.

Alphabetical list of scenarios Edit

Story encountersEdit

Story encounters are more than a simple list of objectives - they contain an element of plot that can be adapted to fit with your characters and campaigns. They may need specific character archetypes to be taking part, particular terrain or NPCs. These encounters are often suitable for pivotal points in a campaign, such as the final encounter with the 'end of game boss'.

Alphabetical List of Story EncountersEdit