Scenario - Trade Interrupted Edit

Temporary alliances for mutual gain are a staple of Inquisitorial politics. You have arranged a meeting with agents acting for a possible ally in order to exchange goods and/or information. Of course, nothing is ever easy, and agents of the third-party have gotten wind of your scheme and seek to prevent the exchange taking place.

Set-up: Edit

This is a game for three players. Players A & B set-up their warbands at opposite ends of the board. Each must designate which character is carrying the information to be traded. Player C may either enter from any point along the table edge, or alternatively the GM may allow him to set up his characters out of sight and in cover.

Objectives and Victory Conditions: Edit

The objective for players A & B is to exchange information and escape via any board edge (alternatively, the GM may designate from which board edge they need to escape). Player C's objective is to prevent the exchange taking place using subterfuge or violence, and if possible, to steal the information from one or both players. GMs may want to give the player with the most combat-capable warband be given the role of Player C. Alternatively, he may wish to keep each player's objective secret from the other players so they do not know who they are there to meet and so increase the level of tension and mistrust.

Additional Options: Edit

Playing the Game with only Two Players If this scenario is being played by just two players, player A starts on one board edge carrying the information and his objective is to get it to a contact who is waiting off the edge of the table. Player B starts on the opposite board edge (or in cover). Player A must exit the board via the opposite board edge carrying the information. Player B's objective is to stop him.

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