Scenario - Petty Theft Edit

Simple things like locked doors and laws are no deterrent to you - the artefacts you require are there for the taking. Unfortunately you must move quickly to secure your objective, as it seems your rivals have had similar thoughts.

Set-up: Edit

Players deploy their characters in zones designated by the GM. The GM then distributes a number of markers denoting the positions of the items to be stolen at locations across the board. The number of markers is up to the GM, the less items to be stolen, the more bloody the game is likely to be.

Objectives and Victory Conditions: Edit

The objective for each player is to grab as many markers as possible, and to be holding them at the end of the game - the winner will be the player whose warband collects the most. The markers should be kept alongside each model, as once collected, it is possible for them to be stolen by an opposing character.

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