Scenario - Kidnapping! Edit

You have decided that the best way to achieve your ends is to kidnap a representative of one of your rivals and force him to divulge information that would be damaging to his master. Of course, if your rivals realise what you are attempting to do, then they may retaliate in kind and try to kidnap a member of your team.

Set-up: Edit

Players deploy their warbands along the table edges, or at points designated by the GM.

Objectives and Victory Conditions: Edit

Each player must attempt to capture a nominated member of an opposing warband and carry them off the board (or to some exit point nominated by the GM). The GM will nominate which character each player must capture at the start of the game; this information should be kept secret and players should not know which character their opponents are attempting to kidnap.

Alternatively, players may also try to persuade or intimidate members of opposing warbands rather than simply knock them unconscious and drag them away.

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