Scenario - Information Gathering Edit

In the course of your business you have come into contact with a rival warband. There is little to be gained by bloodshed at this point, instead you seek to gain as much information about your rivals as possible in the hope that you will be able to turn it to your advantage.

Set-up: Edit

The players are assigned deployment zones equally spaced around the board edge. Each player is also given an exit point via which their warband must leave the board.

Objectives and Victory Conditions: Edit

Each warband has the same objective, to exit the board without being observed by their opponents, while at the same time gathering as much information as possible.

Players get one point for each opposing character that they Spot and an additional two points for each character they Identify. If a player identifies all members of an opposing warband, they gain a bonus five points. Players will also gain two points for each character who exits the board. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

  • To Spot someone, a character must have line-of-sight to them. Becoming aware of them by sound, smell or psychic means is not sufficient. Neither is detecting them on an auspex or similar device. (GMs should use their discretion when dealing with unusual characters such as astropaths who are unable to see normally.)
  • To Identify someone, a character must pass a Sg test while looking at the character. This costs one action.

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