Scenario - Gentle Persuasion Edit

You have managed to set-up a meeting with a representative of an influential figure who may be of great help to you. The contact has asked to meet in a secluded location to preserve secrecy; unfortunately despite your precautions, rival agents have heard of the meeting and hope to intercept the contact and arrange their own deal with his master. Neither side can afford to injure the contact; his master is very unlikely to support anyone who harms such a trusted member of staff.

Set-up: Edit

The contact starts in the centre of the board, with players deploying their warbands along the table edges. Although the contact knows he is there for a meeting, it is up to the GM whether he know who he is there to meet and how favourable he will be to anyone else.

Objectives and Victory Conditions: Edit

All players have the same objective; they must use any non-violent means at their disposal to convince the contact to leave the board with them. Other than Persuade/Threaten tests (and similar), GMs should exercise their judgement when determining how the contact acts / reacts to the players actions - particularly if a player decides to attack him.

As both sides will be attempting to persuade the contact to follow them, it is likely he will be forced to make a number of persuade/intimidate tests in quick succession. The GM may wish to apply modifiers to these tests based on whether the contact has already been persuaded by someone else. For example, if Player A's persuasion attempt succeeds by a large margin then the GM may decide to impose a large negative modifier on an attempt by Player B who is forced to try and counter Player A's very convincing argument.

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