Saphentis, Skitarii Centurion Edit


Saphentis is the senior officer commanding the military forces attached to Kryzak's Explorator fleet. As well as being fiercely loyal to Kryzak, he is a very capable leader and a formidable warrior in his own right. has numerous bionic enhancements, and it is believed he has been inducted into some of the lower mysteries of the machine.

Cybernetic Enhancements Edit

While most Skitarii are lay members of the Cult Mechanicus, as a high ranking commander Saphentis has been inducted into some of the lower mysteries of the Omnissiah. Saphentis's entire body is fitted with thick carapace plating that conceals the full extent of his augmentations, but which include replacement limbs, an upgraded respiratory system, and enhanced senses. Both of Saphentis's arms are equipped with quick-release inter-changable hands; in combat situations he normally replaces his right hand with a rapid-firing autogun and his left with a powerful breacher. A single manipulator mechadendrite is attached to his cyber-mantle, and proves especially useful when his hands have been replaced with weaponry.

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