Romain Varteg - Hereditary Rogue Trader and bearer of the Varteg Warrant of Trade 


The Varteg dynasty has a long and distinguished history in the Carthax sector, and was one of the first to travel into the long-isolated Velgorth Expanse when the warp calmed enough to allow ingress. As they discovered and claimed new worlds, their fleet came under attack and was practically destroyed. Romain Varteg, then a teenager was amongst a handful of survivors. Years were spent in the ruined hulls of the fleet before enough repairs were effected to the Pilgrim Class freighter Solemn Duty to allow it to limp out of the Expanse. It was a voyage of ten years back to the heart of the Carthax Sector, where Romain found his family's estates razed and formerly friendly doors barred to him. Assassins came for him, and Romain soon learned that his was a cursed name. He now travels the lesser used lanes, determined to discover who brought about the destruction of his dynasty, and what secret his forebears had kept that attracted the wrath of others.

Known Associates

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