This page lists organisations and notable characters, who while perhaps not law abiding (or outside it entirely), remain loyal to, or at least rely on the Imperium.

To avoid this page getting too large, other members of warbands should be listed as 'known associates' on the page for the warband leader.

Rogue TradersEdit

(Ordered alphabetically by surname.)

Criminal GangsEdit

  • The Bleeding Fist - A group of terrorists-for-hire (also a minor supplier of xeno artefacts in the Cold Trade)
  • The Bilge Rotters - A criminal collective found amongst the space docks of the Carthax Sector
  • Tern Contracts - A smuggling operation fronted by the charismatic Chartist Captain Vektor Tern.

Bounty Hunters & Hired GunsEdit

Death CultsEdit

Mercenary ForcesEdit

  • The Storm Hawks
  • Typhoon Territorial Enforcers
  • Ballitix Security
  • Karramundus Cataphracts

Other OrganisationsEdit

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