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Lord Inquisitor Ro Hymunin. Paladin Hymunin. Hitman Hymunin. Bayonet Ro. Ro Killing Judge. Angel Dust Hymunin. The Hero of Damak. Slayer of Nightmares. Liberator of Genorna IV.

Personal History

Inquisitor Fy Raving was impressed with the boy and took him as an apprentice, schooling the lad in all manner of arts, from weapons to the nature of the heretic. It was the teachings of the Immortal God Emperor that captivated Ro and his fervent belief that aiding him in coping with the teachings of the immense galaxy.

It was Ro's steadfast attitude and unwavering Faith that kept him by Inquisitor Raving's side, even facing the demonic and the Enemy Without. After Ro displayed his courage and ability to lead several squads of Imperial Guard on numerous occasions Inquistiro Raving placed Ro before the Puritan Council who, after several days interrogation and testing, bestowed upon Ro the Inquisitorial Rosette.

Inquisitior Hymunin spent decades hunting and slaying heretics across the Segmentum Pacificus, earning his reputation of "shoot first, shoot later, shoot some more then ask questions". He singlehandedly lead the Adeptus Arbites on Damak IV, quelling riots spreading throughout the world. Lord Hymunin, surviving being shot, stabbed, poisoned and pushed off a burning building, hunted "rogue" Inquisitor Nade to Denopsis and took part in a large operation to quell slaaneshi cults, leading to the death of Inquisitor Nade by Ro's boltgun.

Inquisitor Hymunin fought against the Hordes of Darkness in the defense of Cadia against the Black Crusade. It was Ro's command and leading the battle-rayers in person in the face of hordes of the Traitor Legions that kept the Imperial Guard company from fleeing and kept many of the guardsmen fighting until their last breath. Despite taking a horrendous amount of injury, Ro was the last into the medicae's hands, further spreading his reputation of being able to take enough firepower to drop an Ambull!

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