Redmayne Hayter served in the Adeptus Arbites on Carthage for twenty-seven years before retiring on medical grounds. His legs and left arm were mangled after falling from a height during the pursuit of the Middletown Mantis, and despite a length period of recuperation was not considered fit enough to return to active service. As a veteran of the Arbites himself, Inquisitor Fearon has always kept abreast of the goings on of the Carthaxian branch of the Arbites, and the Middletown Mantis case was one that attracted his interest. The Mantis was murdering officials within the Carthage political elite in extravagant and daring assaults on heavily guarded offices, and Hayter had been amongst the investigators that had sprung the unsuccessful trap on the Mantis that resulted in Hayter's injuries. With Fearon's assistance the Mantis was eventually killed and revealed to be a shapeshifting xenos. Finding out who its masters were is one of Fearon and Hayter's objectives, and they have teams of acolytes working across the Carthax sector following leads.

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