An Astrographical Region of Far Carthax in the Al-Gheri Sub-Sector, the Promean Shoals is a tumultuous star grouping, home to truly ancient stars in all manner of decay. Red giants, supernovae and black holes permeate the region, and what inhabited systems there are cling to life by their fingertips. A large number of dead worlds are to be found here, some bearing signs of xenos corruption.

The world Herilleum lies on the edge of the Shoal and is an important waypoint for any travellers to the region. Home to little more than fifty million people, Herilleum is little more than a glorified trading post.

The Promean Shoals is home to the Heathen Forge, a stronghold of traitorous Mechanicum adepts, and enemies of the Secutors of the Solemne Forgeworld.

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