The Pexir system sits in the central Tyrien region of the Cuir sub-sector of the Carthax sector, consisting of the star Pexir Alpha, the orbiting brown dwarf Pexir Beta, seven recognised planets, and between 93 and 147 dwarf planets (dependent on the astronomical survey referenced).

The system was discovered along with the rest of the Cuir subsector in the Nakt crusade in the 8th century of M32. Although one of the later discovered planetary systems within the Cuir subsector, it was one of the earliest to be mass populated by the Imperium, as a very large contingent of the Imperial Guard forces within the crusade elected to settle on Pexir II and III after victory was declared.

Populated planetsEdit

Of the seven recognised planets within the Pexir system, three are inhabited - Pexir II, Pexir III and Pexir V.

Pexir IIEdit

Classification: Alpha (Agri world)

While bordering on an ocean world by many astrographer's definitions, Pexir II has an impressive agricultural production due to efficient use of the available surface area and extensive harvesting of oceanic flora. A considerable portion of this tithe is delivered directly to the neighbouring planet of Pexir III.

Pexir IIIEdit

Classification: Eta (Jungle/Hive world)

In common parlance, "Pexir" most often refers to this third planet of the system, which is by a considerable majority the system's most populous planet. While probably most famed for its city fighting regiments, the planet also maintains a considerable manufacturing output.

Pexir VEdit

Classification: Delta/Rho (Dead/Research world)

An airless world, Pexir V houses an number of pressurised Adeptus Biologis research domes, used for studying high risk Xenos species and weaponised viruses. In the event of containment failure, entire sections can be vented to vacuum.

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