Orbiting Beresto at a median of 35,000km, Penitence Station is a deep space orbital shipyard facility. At its heart is a Tribune-class space station, with millennia of additional components. It hosts the majority of the Penitence system's defence fleet and is the only shipbuilding operation in the system. The station has significant service bays for repair and refuelling of the numerous ships that pass to and from the system. Penitence Station has a standing population of around 100,000 voidsmen, defence troops, adepts and assorted hangers-on. Its population often fluctuates wildly as men are press-ganged for and deserters flee from docked ships. Its interior is so changed from its original designs it is easy to conceal oneself in its twisting corridors and many have used Penitence Station as a bolt hole to escape unwanted attention. Its reputation for secret spots has brought the Cold Trade in xenos artefacts to the station in recent times, forbidden alien wares changing hands in its depths in ever-increasing amounts. At least two separate Inquisitorial investigations are known to be ongoing currently, but the black market seems to be showing signs of expansion, not contraction as may be expected. The Cold Trade attracts serious wealth and the lure of the coin makes the risk of falling foul of the Throne a calculated risk for most on board Penitence Station.

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