While a moon by definition, the world of Parr is of greater size than Almagest, and 0.8 of the mass of Ptolemy. Parr is the largest of an estimated forty-one moons in orbit around the gas giant Sicero, the system's sixth world. Parr is habitable thanks to a thick atmosphere, considerable greenhouse gases and tidal warming caused by the gravitic effects of Sicero. However, the world's distance from its parent star means that the world is forever dark. This was not seen as enough of a disadvantage to end consideration of exploiting the moon's mineral resources, and Parr was colonised in the thirty-third millennium. In the eternal night, the people of Parr turned to veneration of the God-Emperor for bringing light to their homes and cities, and over the millennia this worship has evolved into The Church of the Emperor's Divine Radiance. A great number of spectacularly lit shrines and cathedrals have been constructed to light the way for the people of Parr. Travel to and from Parr was forbidden by order of Governor Azra last year due to rumours of contagion amongst the populace. The disease is said to boil the brains of the infected in fever and leave them as dangerous madmen. It is worried that missionaries from The Church of the Emperor's Divine Radiance may already have spread the plague to Ptolemy, Almagest, Penitence Station and beyond the system

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