Orla Riall, Tech-Priestess Edit


Biographical Summary Edit

Orla Riall was recently seconded to Explorator Magos Vaal Kryzak's expedition to the Gaugtel Stars as a way to further her career in the Mechanicum. We know little of Riall's background prior to this, but it is assumed that she originates from Sollex (as evidenced by her energy blade which is of a type manufactured exclusively by the Sect of Sollex).

Cybernetic Augmentations Edit

Orla Riall is a rising star within the Mechanicus, and has been gradually upgrading her bionics to reflect her increased status. The most obvious sign of this is that almost all of her visible flesh has been replaced with brass-plated bionics, but underneath her metal skin is a suite of implants that both replicate and enhance the capabilities of her original organic body.

Threat Assessment Edit

Riall displays a preternatural skill with a blade (suggesting the use of one or more electro-grafts) making her an extremely dangerous opponent. Additionally, her extensive contacts within the Mechanicum mean that she has ever increasing political power.

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