Captain Olver Dominey IX - Commander of the Hydronus Household Guard Edit


The Hydronus Household Guard forms the personal retinue of the Rogue Trader and by Imperial Edict is limited to 1000 soldiers. They are hand-picked from the PDF regiments raised on worlds governed by the Hydronus Family, and are well equipped through their contacts in the Mechanicus. To help prevent attempts to 'inherit' the Hydronus family charter by force, the position of Commander of the Household Guard is traditionally given to a member of an allied family, someone who themselves cannot inherit. Throughout the lifetimes of the last six Rogue Traders the position has been held by a member of the Dominey family.

The current captain is Olver Dominey IX, he has served House Hydronus all his life. He was born, raised and schooled on a world governed by House Hydronus, and as is tradition when he became old enough he enlisted in the Hydronus Planetary Defence Force. Due to his natural abilities he soon rose to a command position, and later his family connections ensured that he joined the Household Guard. He served aboard the fleet on a number of trading expeditions, eventually rising to follow in his uncle's footsteps as Commander of the Hydronus Household Guard.

Dominey regards himself as career military but not at the expense of a family life; he has a wife and daughter who travel with the fleet and who he spends as much time with as possible. He is intensely loyal and a natural leader, and is prepared to fight on the front lines alongside his men to defend House Hydronus. He is a skilled swordsman, and often competes in tournaments whenever the fleet is in Imperial space.

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