Inquisitor Octavian Lars of the Ordo Malleus Edit

Octavian lars

Born on the planet Catachan a fierce world of hardy warriors that specialise in jungle warfare and son of the famous Colonel Griess of the Catachan 2nd regiment and taken to the Schola Progenium on Volag Nok by Lord Commissar von Carstien. As a son of Catachan he excelled in combat situations as expected and bonded well with a fellow Catachan named Karazak Johnson, but what surprised all of his peers and assistants was his willingness to learn and focussed hard on his studies. His areas of focus for learning was small squad combat and weapon studies. On the training field he excelled in close combat he also made a proficient marksman with his favourite revolver nicknamed “Banisher”. Another talent he developed on combat situations was in commanding his soldiers with great efficiency even in the thick of combat. This ability soon swelled to a level where he could command all of the cadets in the Progenium and beat an equal number of staff in pitched battle. A quirk of being Catachan was a sense of kinship with his men (especially Karazak as they were now almost inseparable) and a sense of duty and as such he led from the front more often than not. When the time of graduation came at the age of 22 his studies and abilities in the field had made him the perfect recruit for the daemon hunters of the Ordo Malleus and became a member of the Inquisition. Since joining them he has risen through the acolyte stage while showing progress in anti-deamon studies to a prominent position, at the age of 58 he is an inquisitor held in high esteem and already rumours of his diligence have spread back to Catachan. Even now, he still uses the revolver he learned to shoot with. Although capable of leading huge armies he prefers to fight a secret war with his veteran warband, including the Arco Flagellant Greengo 268R, given to him as a gift from the Ordo Hereticus after commanding a combined army of Battle Sisters and Grey Knights after the battle sisters’ commander (Witch Hunter Dictatus) was assassinated by daemons of Slaanesh. At the current time he is currently fighting a secret campaign against a Renegade Arch-Magos and his warrior band in the Velterax sector.

Known Associates: Edit

  • Arco flagellent Greengo 268
  • Major Karazak Johnson
  • Rogue Psyker "Hamish"
  • The Space Wolves Chapter

Known Enemies: Edit

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