Three inquisitors are currently in residence in the Obsidian Redoubt:

Inquisitor Questor Adronicus, Ordo Hereticus (NPC)

Adronicus is newly arrived in the Cuir sub-sector, having travelled from Pillarus Prime four years previously. A moderate Thorian, Adronicus is currently concerned with the rise of cults in the Antonine Cluster proclaiming ressurectionist abilities. He has found none of these claims truthful and is coordinating kill squads tasked with eliminating them.

Inquisitor Elsapeth Minovic, Ordo Hereticus (NPC)

Minovic has familial ties to Ptolemly, and is rumoured to have been raised at Schola Tibirtunis. She is regarded as a True-Amalathian, and believes fervently that the Emperor's divine plan is on track. Her beliefs have gained her enemies within the Carthaxian Conclave, where she is seen as a woman of too many words and too little action. Forced from Pillarus Prime, she resides in the Obsidian Redoubt, observing hundreds of worlds through her agents for signs of heresy, sedition and xenos influence.

Inquisitor Memnos Arborgast, Ordo Xenos (NPC)

Arborgast is a veteran of one hundred years service to the Ordo Xenos, serving time in three different sub-sectors before arriving in Cuir twenty years ago. An expert on Xenos physiology, his understanding of the enemy without saw him serve as the Inquisitor in Residence in Watch Fortress Angst in the Kaidros System for five years. Though somewhat of a xenophile, he has no qualms of instigating genocide once a species' usefulness has been exhausted (see Praemius). Arborgast's acolytes are known to be investigated the Cold Trade through Penitence Station.

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