Arbitor Senioris Moses Blackwell - Adeptus Arbites Edit


Moses Blackwell graduated from the Schola Progenium into the Adeptus Arbites, he was shipped far from his home to serve on Teluga Prime, Inquisitor Kaled's birthplace. He advanced through the ranks, eventually reaching the rank of Arbitor Senioris following an investigation into a black market ring smuggling Spook and raw psykers. Later during an investigation into the disappearance of munitions destined for the cruiser Tempestuous he met Interrogator Morena Goodchild as she investigated the same thefts on behalf of Inquisitor Kaled . The two worked well together, eventually uncovering and destroying the apocalypse cult that was hoarding the warheads in a plot to destabilise the local government. Afterwards she asked Moses to join her staff permanently, and ever eager to serve the Emperor he agreed.

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