Interrogator Morena Goodchild - Inquisitorial Acolyte Edit


Morena was born the beloved daughter of Admiral Goodchild, and was raised in luxury on the garden world of Compal II. At the age of nine her emerging psychic abilities were discovered following a number of 'accidents' around the house. The Admiral, a strict puritan, was disgusted by his mutant daughter and immediately turned her over to the authorities to be tried and burned as a witch. Morena never speaks of this dark time in her life, but what is known is that rumours of the Admiral's witch-daughter reachedInquisitor Kaled and it was he who ordered the stay of execution until he could meet the girl.

Kaled immediately felt a certain kinship with Morena due to their similar backgrounds and was impressed by her willpower and her psychic control, particularly her ability to mask the bright light of her soul in the warp - a rare talent even in trained psykers. He took the girl aboard his ship, and during the journey to the rendezvous with a nearby Blackship he taught her of the many ways a psyker like her could piously serve the Emperor.

In the Schola Psykana Morena had to grow up fast, but her strength of mind and force of personality immediately marked her out from those around her. It soon became clear that she was a very powerful telekinetic, possessing remarkable control for one so young. Kaled followed her progress and pushed for her to be considered for training as an Inquisitor, eventually agreeing to take her on as an Acolyte.

Since their first meeting Morena has come to regard Kaled as a surrogate father, even though he has never made any outward show of affection towards her, and Kaled has never had cause to regret his decision to make Morena his Interrogator. Although physically quite weak, she has learned fast and has proved to be more than capable; in recent years she has become more and more independent of Kaled and is easily able to conduct her own investigations.

Known Associates Edit

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