Monomi on Syracuse disguised as a commoner

The lords of night, the shadow dancers, the knife in the dark; the infamous Monomi assassins of Syracuse go by many names. Witnesses say they dress in fearsome black fighting robes with masks of midnight, striking from darkness with daemonic speed and strength.

Except of course, these are just stories told to frighten children. The truth is far more frightening - there have never been any witnesses. The myths are derived from ancient theatre where stagehands dressed all in black and only exist in the background, until the critical moment where one surprises the audience by coming centre stage and slaying a character where they stand.

The myth is not wrong, but rather than lurk in the shadows, the Monomi hide in plain sight, being masters of disguise and deception. They began as spies, 'Monomi' meaning 'one who watches' in local tongue, befriending and infiltrating to get close to their mark.  

Any fool can squeeze a trigger, but it takes immense skill to orchestrate a tragic accident or death by natural causes. A target will often like the assassin, sometimes even love them, and never sees their fate coming. They are experts in poison, explosives and gadgets, and the Monomi can be in another room, another city or another planet when the hit happens.

With no witnesses, no suspects and no trace, the Monomi melts back into crowd, a drop of water in the ocean of Mankind.

Using the Monomi of the Southern Court in Dark Heresy Edit

Monomi disguised as a Noble courtesan

You may acquire up to one Background Package at Character Creation. You cannot go back and select a package later in your character’s Career. Background Packages are entirely optional and you should always get your GM’s permission before selecting one for your character.

Career: Assassin

Cost: 500xp

Effects Edit

Gain the Deceive, Demolitions and Chem-Use skills

Pseudology: The Monomi have mastered the art of lying, and understand that a single well-placed word is worth more than a hundred well-placed bullets. Swap the Ballistic Skill and Fellowship advance costs for the Assassin career.

Tools of the trade: Swap your starter main weapon and it’s ammunition (autogun or hunting rifle) with demolition charge and a poisoner’s kit (page 30 of the Game Master’s Kit), which contains 2 doses of Black Janix, 2 doses of Sump Vine Sap and 2 doses of Dusk Lotus.

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