Former guardsman Matthis Verak

Matthis was born on the forest world of Khiran VI and at 19 joined the Khiran 3rd infantry regiment at its founding. After 22 years of war crossing dozens of different planets during which he achieved the rank of sergeant and a bionic arm courtesy of a rather unplesant encounter with an orks choppa he retired from the guard and returned home. Using his exceptional marksman skills gained in the guard he built a simple life living of the land and hunting animals in the forest for their pelts though he secretly missed the adrenalin fuelled life to the warzone. 

He returned to the battle against the enemies of mankind through random chance, Inquisitor Zoran Gragan had tracked a chaos magus into the woodlands after destroying his cell in a neighbouring system. Unfortunately things had gone badly for the inquisitor who was lying stunned at the mercy of the magus when a round from Matthis' rifle blasted a hole in the chaos worshippers’ side throwing him to the floor. As Matthis helped the inquisitor to his feet the magus pulled the pin from a grenade before he passed out from blood loss. Zoran saw the grenade roll out across the floor and quickly tried to raise a psychic field to protect himself and his rescuer but was only partially successful. The blast threw them both to the ground, shrapnel ripped across Matthis' face taking his right eye and part of his scalp.

Matthis woke a day later lying in the medical bay of the Zoran's ship with the inquisitor standing over him and was shocked to find his right eye replaced with a bionic implant. After explaining the situation and thanking him for saving his life Zoran offered Matthis a position in his retinue saying he could always use another brave man. In the years Matthis has been part of Zoran’s retinue he has helped the inquisitor hunt down countless heretics and daemons, always being ready with a well-placed las round. After a narrowly missing an exceptionally long range shot he upgraded his bionic eye with an integrated range finder as not to let the inquisitor down again.

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