Sergeant M Haze - Iron Corps Skitarii
Haze was tithe-graded into the Gryphonne IV skitarii legions shortly after his birth, his early years spent suffering through ongoing augmentation interspersed with physical
training, psychological programming and regular upgrades during puberty. When rated
as 'optimal' by his superiors he continued to excel on a number of battlefields, serving
alongside the anvil of Imperial tanks and powerful titans of the Legion Gryphonne.
Sometime into his seventh decade of service and a dozen citations of honour, valor
and optimal efficiency on his barcode, he was upgraded to one of the stalwart regiments
of the Skitarii; The Iron Corps, an elite legion of heavy-hitters.
Haze was arranged to act as a protection escort for Cross when he left Gryphonne IV, to ensure his safe arrival to Mars and then return, but during transit the planet was
eradicated by the tyranid scourge, and left without any further valid instructions, Haze
has continued to comply with the primary objective; the protection of Magos Cross.

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