If one wished to see a living, breathing metaphor for the depths of despair the Antonine Cluster has fallen to, one couldn't do worse than visit Lucan. Settled in the 34th millennium, Lucan grew from a frontier world, where the colonists grazed grox and farmed starchplant to a thriving planet of mining, manufacturing and trade. The original few thousand colonists were linked by common hardship and intermarriage, and united under the colony's founder, Solitude Urmayer they forged their own fate. Urmayer was their figurehead, and he was made king by popular demand. Solitude I's twelve children married widely, establishing a large royal family amongst the second generation of Lucans. Under the rule of the royal family, the planet became a centre of mercantile interests in the cluster, and played host to dozens of chartist vessels and held an exclusive deal with the Freemantle Rogue Trader dynasty for water and slaves from the Atrean Gulf. Lucan became wealthy on the back of its slaves, and the royal family began to make inroads into the Carthaxian elite. By the end of the 38th millennium, they held not insignificant influence with minor nobles on Irricadia, Illythia, Colossus IX, and Ptolemy and were known for throwing extravagant parties and balls for visiting dignitaries. Perhaps due to their generosity, the increasingly erratic and bizarre behaviour the family began to exhibit around the the sixth century of the 40th millennium was ignored. Tolerance faded after King Josiah XIV insisted on attending functions clothed in the skins of his brothers, and by 810.M40, Lucan was no longer represented at the sector senate. Generations of inbreeding had finally taken its toal, and while the royal family cavorted and imbibed, Lucan's industries collapsed. Tithe quotas were missed, and in 201.M41, the Administratum took Lucan's only remaining thing of value; its slaves. Its workforce gone, Lucan slumped into destitution and starvation.

Now, only loose tribes of savages scavenge the ruins of its enormous palaces, wearing millennia-old tapestries and torn vestments of finery that harken back to the delirious days before the fall.

Lucan has been essentially forgotten by the Carthax sector. Its governor is Fello Siegfried, an Irricadian installed by Pillarus Prime. He has visited Lucan only twice in the last century to see that the Blackships still visit. Until such time as significant reinvestment can be made to undo a millennia of inactivity, the ruins of Lucan will produce nothing worthwhile.

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