Magos Biologis Lingus Quinne Edit


"It is so refreshing to meet another who has no quandries over such petty things as morals." -Lingus Quinne

"...And please try to bring that new vat-limb back in one piece this time, agent." -Lingus Quinne

Being brought up in the Adeptus Mechanicus does not naturally encourage an obsession with blood, bones and flesh, yet for Lingus Quinne it did just that. Obsessed with making the perfect 'living' bionic, he wanted to prove that the Machine Spirit can be given life anew by literally giving it something alive to exist in. His prototypes for superior organic replacements for the crude metal bionics that existed currently were viewed with suspicious eyes, and when rumours began to circulate of dabbling in Necron technology, Quinne wisely decided to exile himself from Mars to a fringe world in the Onus region.

There he could conduct his experiments in peace, from the safety of a long-abandoned mining rig orbiting the hollowed-out husk of a moon - a place where the local planet would not miss the disappearance of a body or two if Quinne needed more organic matter for his genetic sandbox.

One day, a catastrophic hull failure almost broke the rust-rotten space station in twain, rending metal bulkheads and tearing apart gas lines in Quinne's quarters. Corrosive fumes and depressurisation played utter havoc with Quinne's organic body - a situation where metal would have triumphed over the frailties of flesh - and burned out his entire circulatory system.

When he roused after a coma lasting many months, he found himself encased in steel, and enslaved to a life support machine mounted to his spinal column, crudely constructed by the handful of flesh servitors he had created for menial tasks. His blood coursing through metal veins running up and down his pallid skin and breathing through nothing more than an iron lung, it took Quinne many painful years to accept his fate and continue his research.

Inquisitor Xerxas was investigating the Onus disappearances and the subsequent detonation of a nearby mining station, it tied in very closely to the Adeptus Mechanicus' leaked reports of a rogue Magos Biologis in the region. Discovering Quinne's lab, Xerxas was spellbound by the research he found there. He approached Quinne with a proposition - unfettered access to Xenos technology in return for loyalty to the Collective.

Recently Quinne is involved in very few field investigations, preferring to leave the legwork to those more capable. Since the acquisition of tracker Commander Hern and capture specialist Korpik Feth, the upper echelons of the Collective have unbridled access to fascinating alien beasts, where Quinne has turned his research towards the integration of alien flesh with human technology. Rumours of combining arco-flaggelation technology with Xenos beasts are not totally unfounded.

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