Lillith Polanski - Inquisitorial Trooper Edit


Lillith Polanski was inducted into the Vaningrad 439th regiment of the Imperial Guard just three days after her eighteenth birthday. The Vaningrad 439th was a mixed regiment, but as is so often the case it was male-dominated, especially when it came to positions of authority. Lillith fought hard to prove she was the equal or better of any of the men in the regiment, but the sexism rife in the regiment meant she never progressed beyond being a lowly trooper.

Things changed when her platoon was assigned to the command of Inquisitor Seldon during the suppression of the Skull Pact, a Khornate cult that had overrun the capital of Bryant IV. Lillith's squad was accompanying Seldon and at the height of the fighting they were cut off from the rest of their forces while deep in enemy territory. For two days they fought through the ruined streets of the capital surviving mainly by stealth and subterfuge, fighting only when they had to. By the time they finally reached the Imperial lines, only Seldon and Lillith were left alive, both nursing numerous wounds. They were almost indistinguishable from the cultists they faced, their clothes ragged and torn, and covered in blood. Only the sight of Seldon's seal, still bright and gleaming kept them from being shot on sight.

Only the strongest of characters could have survived those two days with their sanity intact, and so Seldon invited Lillith to join his team. Since then she has created a small but potent force of Inquisitorial Troopers who accompany Seldon on missions. They are well equipped with arms and armour procured by Seldon, and operating from their modified Valkyrie Dropships they form a potent force in the fight against the minions of Chaos. More recently she was been seconded to the retinue of Inquisitor Kaled during his investigation into the ruins of an ancient Inquisitorial Fortress on Hastor.

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