Larissa Teunis - Electro-Priestess Edit


Teunis is an Electro-Priestess assigned to Explorator Kryzak's expedition.

Cybernetic Enhancements Edit

Like all Electro-Priests, Teunis has been fitted with a powerful Potentia Coil, one which can supply far more power than is necessary to power her augmentations. In addition, her Electoo Inductors have been upgraded and fitted with a number of capacitors allowing her to store large amounts of electrical energy which can be discharged in combat causing immense damage to her foes. Channelling such vast amounts of energy can cause interference with her Cranial Circuitry, causing her to act in a frenzied manner – this effect is considered to be far from undesirable and, like many Electro-Priests, Teunis is known to actively invite it.

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