Lance LeGault Edit


Lance grew up on the backwater fringe worlds of the Onus region, joining up with the Imperial Guard as a way to escape the trudging despair of colony life. It wasn't long before conflicts with superiors forced him to leave the Guard and use his not inconsiderable talents as a mercenary, flitting between whoever was the highest bidder at a time.

Many years went by and took its toll on him. He deeply hated those who employed him to fight their personal battles over measly scraps of rock or control over a dozen agri-toil workers. He tried to settle down and start a family, which went from bad to worse as the decades drew on - he yearned for the freedom a well-placed lasbolt can bring and left his family behind to pick up where he left off.

His body had grown paunch and stiff at the hands of Father Time, but his mind was keener than ever and his senses had not been dulled by the passage of time. He sought out the infamous assassin Omar Anoke to present a business partnership that both sides could benefit from. With LeGault's contacts within the Guard and his old mercenary troops and Anoke's combat abilities and carnivorous tendencies, people would know them as the Onus Head-Hunters, the bounty collectors who always collected.

Known Affiliates Edit

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