Body: Small and dense
Gravity: Normal
Atmospheric presence: Thin
Atmospheric composition: Toxic
Climate: Burning world
Habitability: Inhospitable
Orbital features:
  • The Drogue
  • Research Station Orlop-Alpha
System: Sorrento

Lagan is little more than a burned-up ball of rock spiralling ever-closer to the sun. Two stations orbit it, Orlop-alpha and the Drogue, erected to study it’s curious orbit and slow it’s descent into the centre of the solar system. Records suggest that it used to be the furthest planet on a steady orbit, but something occurred in the 7th Century of M41 that pushed it out of alignment and into a collision course with the sun.

It is of huge interest to a number of different factions, as a discovery was made on the surface that indicates remnants of a civilisation that was present before the system’s colonisation by mankind, yet it’s increasing proximity to the central star puts pressure on research teams to find what they can before the planet is lost completely.

Orbital features Edit

The Drogue Edit

A gargantuan cone of solar panels and rad collectors that trails behind the planet, easily half the diameter of the planet in girth and twice in depth, tethered by grav repulsors. It’s purpose is to slow the orbit of the planet by acting as a massive parachute, collecting rad trails and solar winds. There are no sealed internal compartments on board, so any maintenance on the outside or in maintenance tunnels must be performed by servitors or clad in void suits.

Orlop-Alpha Research Facility Edit

A small station hastily erected to aid planetside research. Due to the unique nature of the planet, entering atmosphere with traditional means is nigh impossible, so a great atmospheric elevator was constructed, connecting the orbital station with the planetside outpost. It is run by the Magos Venatoris, a secretive sect of the Adeptus Mechanicus who specialise in recovering, studying and utilising archeotech.

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